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  • Mika Leon

Gio's Malecon Mule

This drink is a must for weekend day drinking or everyday drinking because who are we kidding...its 2020!

My good friend Gio (@chatchowtv) that works with Havana Club rum shared this recipe with me & it's a game changer. The flavors are all so Miami & so refreshing. Its basically a Moscow mule but with guava and rum. It's so good that you'll want to chug them (which I did...bad idea) they 100% creep up on you. Cheers!! xx


  • 2 oz. Havana Club blanco

  • 1 oz. Fresh lime juice

  • 1oz Guava nectar

  • .50 oz. simple syrup or agave

  • Ginger beer

1. Get your favorite cup and fill all the way to the top with ice. Add rum then lime juice. Then add your guava, simple syrup and stir. Top this off with your ginger beer & stir again. Serve with a lime wedge and fresh mint to make it pretty. Cheers!

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