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Bikini de Jamon serrano y manchego

This sandwich is one of my favorite snacks when I'm in Barcelona. Its a Barcelona classic, a simple pressed sandwich filled with slices of Jamon Serrano and queso manchego. Making it the perfect late night snack or in my opening any time of day snack. This sandwich must be made with plain old white bread, don't try to get fancy. Just make sure your ham, olive oil and cheese are the best quality and you can't go wrong. If your feeling fancy, you can never go wrong by adding some truffles or truffle oil like they do at some tapas bars!


  • White bread (wonder bread)

  • Jamon Serrano slices

  • Queso manchego

  • Good quality olive oil


Slice the crust off your bread.

Fill each sandwich with slices with manchego & Jamon Serrano. Cover the top and bottom bread with tons of olive oil.

Place on a sandwich press 3-4 minutes on each side until golden then slice in half and serve.

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